Reinventing Dedicated and Bare Metal Server

Reinventing Dedicated and Bare Metal Server


NovoServe Reinvents Dedicated and Bare Metal Server Solutions

NovoServe, as a values-driven organization with a passion for innovation and efficiency in computing solutions, offers Dedicated Bare Metal servers to meet the needs of businesses requiring high-performance computing resources with customization options.


With this blog, we will help you to find out answers to many questions often being asked regarding why going for a Dedicated Bare Metal solution (instead of Cloud, for example). We will shed light upon such topics as our offer, what you can expect when hosting at NovoServe, but most important: why hosting with us.


Why Choose Bare Metal Servers?

In a world increasingly dependent on digital resilience and technological agility, NovoServe stands out as a trailblazer in the dedicated and bare metal server space, fueled by a relentless commitment to innovation, security, and sustainability.

NovoServe's dedicated bare metal servers represent the pinnacle of performance and security. Free from the overhead of virtualization, these servers provide clients with direct hardware access, ensuring high processing power and minimal latency—ideal for compute-intensive applications from AI and machine learning to high-performance computing (HPC).

Security is paramount at NovoServe. By offering single-tenant environments, we ensure that sensitive data and critical operations are isolated from others, adhering to stringent security protocols and compliance standards.

Flexibility is at the heart of our service. Clients can tailor their server configurations to meet specific needs, whether it’s optimizing for specific operating systems, networking setups, or performance requirements. This customization extends through every layer of infrastructure, offering our clients unmatched control and scalability.

At NovoServe, we don’t just innovate; we innovate responsibly. Our commitment to reducing the ecological footprint of our operations is reflected in every service we offer. From utilizing energy-efficient servers and sustainable data center management practices to employing renewable energy sources, we ensure our technological advancements promote environmental sustainability.

Understanding that each client's needs vary, we offer five levels of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring tailored support that is available 24/7. Whether it's through proactive cyber threat monitoring or our extensive knowledge bases and self-service options, we provide the security and assistance our clients need whenever they need it.

Broad Spectrum of Solutions

From high bandwidth requirements of gaming companies to the data-intensive needs of fintech and adtech, NovoServe offers a diverse range of server solutions:

Unmetered Servers: Ideal for high bandwidth usage without the worry of additional fees, perfect for media streaming and extensive data transfer.

Storage Servers: Designed for high performance and reliability, these servers meet diverse data storage needs while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and high-level security.

Gaming Servers: Tailored for the online gaming industry, these servers offer optimal performance, stability, and low latency, ensuring an enhanced gaming experience.

Explore Our Offerings 

Dedicated ? Unmetered ? Gaming ? Or Storage servers ? We got them all!

Dedicated servers benefits

Single Customer Access to Hardware: With bare metal servers, each customer has exclusive access to the physical hardware, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization without sharing resources with other users.

High-Performance Computing: Bare metal servers excel in handling resource-intensive tasks such as Big Data Analytics, gaming, streaming, and high-performance computing applications due to their powerful computing capabilities and customization options.

Enhanced Security: These servers provide enhanced security features, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and benefiting from isolation measures that protect sensitive data and applications.

Consistent Performance: Due to the dedicated nature of resources on bare metal servers, users can expect consistent performance without fluctuations caused by resource contention.

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Unmetered servers

The availability of unmetered servers from NovoServe provides a significant benefit to customers who require high bandwidth and data-intensive applications. By opting for these servers, customers can enjoy the freedom to utilize data resources without worrying about exceeding predefined limits or facing additional costs.


Storage servers

One of the key features of NovoServe’s storage servers is our compliance with security regulatory standards, ensuring that data stored on these servers is protected against online threats. The servers are also safeguarded by DDoS filters and benefit from premium top-line equipment provided by Tier-1 transit providers. This setup allows for secure network operations and protection against potential cyber attacks.

In terms of capacity and connectivity, NovoServe’s storage servers boast impressive specifications. Our servers have massive capacity with 10 Tbit/s direct connections to major internet exchanges such as Liberty Global, Orange, Vodafone, China Telecom, Mobile Unicom, among others. This high bandwidth capacity ensures efficient data transfer and accessibility for users relying on these storage servers for operations.

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Gaming servers 

Our pricing is noted to be 5 to 10 times cheaper per transaction compared to leading cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

High-Performing Servers: Equipped with enterprise-grade infrastructure and powered by Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors, our servers deliver high performance to handle the demands of modern gaming platforms.

DDoS Protection: NovoServe’s gaming servers come with DDoS protection to safeguard against online threats and ensure the security of the gaming environment.

Customizable iGaming Server Configurations: Our customers have the flexibility to customize their iGaming server configurations based on their specific needs, without facing technical limitations.

With a brad spectrum of customizable solutions, NovoServe is equipped to meet the evolving demands of various industries. We invite potential clients to discover how our dedicated and bare metal servers can transform their operations.

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