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Collaboration between NovoServe and Jetserver; a fruitful partnership.

Jetserver is one of the leading hosting companies in Israel. They are a “one-stop-shop” hosting company, which means they offer the complete package.


What distinguishes Jetserver from other parties on the market is that they think outside the box. It's something they don't tend to do alone; if possible, they enlist the help of their network.


NovoServe and Jetserver have been working together for a few years now. This collaboration arose from Jetserver's need to supply a suitable offer in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. Eli Alum, CEO at JetServer, explains: We needed a data center that could provide us with tailor-made solutions. Most hardware server providers only sell ‘off-the-shelf’ products. That may work for our smaller clients, but we needed out-of-the-box solutions for the more prominent enterprise clients. NovoServe helps us with hardware delivery in Europe, and if required, with setting up and maintenance.

Founded in 2006, JetServer is a fast-growing web hosting company that operates more than 100k website infrastructures, including platforms such as Magento and other resource-intensive applications. This Israeli web hosting company provides server system design and management, communication network implementation, virtualization, and cloud computing. JetServer's customer base consists mainly of customers from the Middle East, but many have global operations.

Facilitating growth

How has the business changed since you reached out to NovoServe? "Before we were working with NovoServe, we could only accommodate smaller clients. Because NovoServe has access to big data centers, Jetserver has grown and been able to accept big enterprise clients. NovoServe has been helpful; we became friends and regularly called each other for a heads up or to brainstorm about a case. NovoServe focuses on personal touch, I really appreciate that. Sometimes I just want to talk to someone and hear their professional opinion.

NovoServe goes above and beyond. For example, a while ago, I came up with a “crazy” idea. I presented it to NovoServe, and when they said 'yes,’ I was shocked. This idea made it possible to sell servers and make them instantly available for the client. I was able to sell a lot of servers because 1 out of 3 clients didn't want to wait. They might have an emergency where their other hosting providers crashed, and they need a substitute server immediately.

“NovoServe has been helpful; we became friends and regularly called each other for a heads up or to brainstorm about a case.”
– Eli Alum, Jetserver twitter social icon Tweet

Another example is when I told NovoServe we have rigorous and specific standards in Israel about the redundancy of the equipment. NovoServe offered me a personalized deal to provide these standards.

I most appreciate working with NovoServe because I can pick up the phone and call them if I have a specific question or if I want to brainstorm. I did not find that level of service in any other hosting company."

Jetserver is located in Israel and NovoServe in the Netherlands, but both parties do not experience any difficulties due to the physical distance. "We mainly communicate online or through the telephone, and this works very well. We actually prefer it this way, because we can tell clients that we operate in global data centers—one in Israel and one in Europe. The Netherlands is the center junction in terms of the internet, so we do not mind that NovoServe is located in the Netherlands."


Future plans

And, besides Israel and the Netherlands, what are Jetservers' future plans? "Right now, we don't have a solution for US-based clients. NovoServe is currently expanding to the US, so we are eagerly waiting to complete the process. When the servers in the US are up and running, we would love to migrate all of our clients that are now scattered in the public cloud to NovoServe."

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