Speedtest US

Benchmark and test the performance of your server through our official speedtest server.

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Welcome to the speedtest service of NovoServe. While its main purpose is to serve our access network customers a platform to validate their available bandwidth, we happily like to serve users from all over the world. This server is directly backbone-connected via a 10 Gbit link in New Jersey, US (AS939).

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Files are directly served out of a ramdisk.

1GB.bin 10GB.bin
wget -4 -O /dev/null http://speedtest.us.novoserve.com/files/10GB.bin


We encourage our customers to validate their bandwidth using iPerf3. Speedtest.net is not the correct way to validate your bandwidth. You may use the following commands:

iperf3 -4 -c speedtest.us.novoserve.com -p 5201 -P 4

Or using -R reverse mode (server sends, client receives):

iperf3 -4 -c speedtest.us.novoserve.com -p 5201 -P 4 -R
Ports available for testing are 5201 to 5206. Note: If you are trying to test the absolute maximum throughput of your connection towards our network, pay attention to the "Retr" Column. If this number stays below 10, you can try increasing the number behind -P (to for example: 8).
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