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Everything you need to make your hosting business unbeatable.


Razor-sharp and unbeatable prices.


Exclusive promotions and conditions.


Flexible short-term contracts.


Quick deployment of bare-metal servers.

As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider, we provide high-performing, scalable dedicated bare-metal servers designed to meet your unique requirements as a hosting provider. At the same time, we make things both simplified and cost-efficient.


Why deal with the trouble of setting up your hosting infrastructure? Negotiating with data centers, network providers, and hardware suppliers. Leave that to us, so you can fully focus on growing your hosting business.

“NovoServe has been helpful; we became friends and regularly called each other for a heads up or to brainstorm about a case.”
– Eli Alum, Jetserver

Why sign up with a hosting provider’s complex partner program. These so-called partners may even be your competitors when offering cloud services. The proof is in the fact that we don’t do cloud. You build your platform using our dedicated bare-metal servers as a cloud service provider or managed service provider. Or, as an ISP, you offer these servers dedicated to the end-user. You may be a niche reseller in a specialized industry or market or an established value-added reseller. Either way, our simple revenue-based program gives you access to the benefits you need to begin building and offering your IT solutions to your clients. “The partner program for the professionals.”

Our team of IaaS experts can help you get started with the reseller partner program, migration plans and provide advice on how to scale your hosting business.

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Collaboration between NovoServe and Jetserver; a fruitful partnership.

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