It is all about the right partnership

It is all about the right partnership


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They say it is all about the right partnership.


 If you are in the Hosting business and looking for the right partner, it is good to meet you, we are Novoserve!!


Selecting the right business partner is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the success and growth of your business. It requires careful consideration and evaluation of various factors to ensure compatibility, shared goals, and a strong working relationship.


Becoming a NovoServe Partner (reseller) can offer numerous benefits and opportunities for individuals or businesses looking to enter the hosting and infrastructure services industry. NovoServe is a reputable and reliable provider of dedicated servers, network connectivity and other hosting solutions.


By becoming a NovoServe reseller, you gain access to our robust infrastructure, technical expertise, and extensive network, allowing you to offer high-quality hosting services to your own clients.


Here are some key reasons why you should consider becoming a NovoServe reseller:


1. Reliable Infrastructure: NovoServe operates state-of-the-art data centers located in strategic locations across Europe. Our facilities are equipped with redundant power supplies, advanced cooling systems, and robust security measures to ensure maximum uptime and data protection. As a reseller, you can leverage our reliable infrastructure to provide your clients with stable and secure hosting solutions.


2. Flexible Reseller Program: NovoServe offers a flexible reseller program that allows you to customize and tailor the hosting services according to your clients' specific needs. You have the freedom to set your own pricing, packages, and features, giving you full control over your business model. This flexibility enables you to differentiate yourself in the market and cater to various customer segments.


3. Technical Support and Expertise: As a NovoServe reseller, you gain access to our technical support team who are available 24/7 to assist you with any inquiries or issues that may arise. We have experienced professionals who can provide guidance on server management, troubleshooting, and optimization techniques. This support ensures that you can deliver excellent customer service and maintain high client satisfaction levels.


4. Scalability and Growth Opportunities: NovoServe's reseller program allows you to start small and gradually scale your business as it grows. You can easily upgrade or add new servers or services as per your clients' requirements. This scalability ensures that you can meet the evolving needs of your customers and expand your business without any limitations.


5. White-Label Solutions: NovoServe offers white-label solutions, allowing you to brand the hosting services as your own. This means you can establish your own brand identity and build customer loyalty without the need for significant investments in infrastructure or technical resources. With white-label solutions, you can focus on marketing and sales efforts while NovoServe handles the backend operations.


6. Competitive Pricing and Profit Margins: NovoServe provides competitive pricing for our reseller program, enabling you to set attractive prices for your clients while maintaining healthy profit margins. Our pricing structure is designed to support resellers in achieving profitability and long-term success in the hosting industry.


7. Marketing and Sales Support: NovoServe offers marketing and sales support to our resellers, including access to marketing materials, co-branding opportunities, and lead generation assistance. These resources can help you effectively promote your hosting services, reach a wider audience, and generate more business opportunities.


To become a Novoserve reseller, reach out to our sales team at, visit our web site and chat with our team... and in any case do not forget to ask for your onboarding bonus: You will receive a number of machines to test for one month, free of charge. After this period you may keep them or cancel then without any obligations....


Should I say 'Welcome onboard!!!'?



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