Growing together

Growing together


We’re growing internationally. And we continue to deliver IaaS solutions to existing customers that serve the most demanding markets. But we could never pull this off alone. Collaboration is the core of how we work here at NovoServe. Collaboration with our clients, but also with our partners. Today, we want to introduce you to one of these partners: maincubes.

With data centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and soon Berlin, maincubes delivers a large part of the infrastructure we use to build, deliver and grow our IaaS solutions. Their 1.2 Megawatt Private Suite in Amsterdam, especially, is an excellent springboard. Both for us and for you as our customer. And while maincubes is officially our ‘supplier’ and we are their ‘customer’, the relationship doesn’t feel like that in practice. maincubes works with us, the way we work with our customers: truly together.

maincubes and NovoServe: European, independent and ambitious
Joris te Lintelo, Senior Vice President at maincubes: “The great connection between NovoServe and maincubes was there from day 1. A no-nonsense mentality, combined with our shared ambition paves the way for a pleasant cooperation.

Our company cultures match in other ways, too. Like NovoServe, maincubes is a European, independent outfit with an ambitious positioning as the challenger to large, international players. Like us, they focus on efficiency and are always looking for technical solutions that make our work – and, by extension, yours – easier and better. Or, as Edwin Kennedy from SalesPulse puts it, a few months after he’s joined NovoServe in an interim commercial role: “maincubes represents German solidity without any bureaucracy. That’s a quality that really fits NovoServe.”

Sustainable, safe and transparent
maincubes' data centers are powered exclusively by electricity from renewable sources. That fits our ambition to be green and efficient. “At NovoServe, we’ve set ourselves the goal of drastically reducing our power consumption,” says Edwin. “There, too, maincubes is a leader in the community. Together with them, we can roll out new cooling techniques, new technologies and new platforms.” maincubes also shares the NovoServe vision of privacy, security and data ownership. Because, only a data center partner that gives us total control and transparency will allow us to guarantee you that you always know where your data are and who has access to them.

Our users grow with us
What all this means to you as an IaaS user? First: our collaboration with maincubes guarantees continuity and ample room for scaling in the Netherlands. Whatever you will need in the coming years, our partnership with maincubes enables us to deliver. The second advantage to you is that maincubes is rapidly expanding into Germany. Through us, you will have seamless access to growth there as well. You profit from our mentality and ambition: maincubes and NovoServe are on their way to being big players, without losing the small-scale feel that gives us our personality.

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