Our New Jersey data center has opened. Here's what that means for you

Our New Jersey data center has opened. Here's what that means for you

by Roy

Our New Jersey data center has opened. Here's what that means for you

This month, the first tranche of servers in our New Jersey data center came online. This expansion allows us to serve the US and Canadian East Coast with sub-20ms latency. A major step that opened new commercial possibilities for our customers.

We like where we are – Enschede, the Netherlands – and we foster the no-nonsense culture that is so unique about the Eastern part of the Netherlands. But our ambitions have always been global. We have clients all over the world, and those clients serve global audiences. Growing with them and serving them means we have to grow where they want to grow.

Competing in the world’s largest market

This is why US expansion was on our roadmap from the very beginning. The US is world’s largest market for pretty much everything, especially for processing-intensive digital applications. This includes the industries we serve: gaming, iGaming, video streaming and live video events. For these industries, proximity to the end user is key. To them, the difference between 90ms and 20ms of latency is not 70ms, it’s a yes or no to being able to enter a market and compete. With a data center in New Jersey, close to New York City, Newark, Jersey City and the 20 million people that live, work and play there, we create a world of new opportunities for them.

More to come

This is only the beginning of our US endeavor. This first tranche in New Jersey will be followed by at least two more, possibly three. We’ve also been talking to many customers about better serving the West Coast and Southern US by setting up shop in Northern California and Texas. For the Northern US and Canadian market, we’re also looking at possibilities around Chicago, Denver or possibly the South of Canada. Eastward expansion is also on the horizon, with plans for an additional data center in Germany.

Scaling bare metal hosting

The type of high-performance, low-latency, bare-metal IaaS we do makes building and launching a new data center more challenging than it would be with virtualized servers. Virtualization and hyperscaling have completely decoupled most applications from the underlying hardware infrastructure, making them extremely easy to scale and distribute. For this flexibility, however, you pay in latency.

We don’t want latency. So we have to find other ways to make scaling easy. This is why we have a very specific and uniform hardware portfolio, which we aim to reproduce across all data centers. This makes it easy for our clients to roll out their services to new locations, without software customization or custom configuration.

In this first tranche, we offer our mid-range HPE server models with powerful, energy-efficient CPUs. This includes the Gen9. These first servers are SSD-only and support redundant uplink port speeds of 20Gbit per second. Later this year, we will be adding storage in the form of HPE and Supermicro servers that support SATA HDD up to 36x 16TB. Plus, we will be offering HPE Gen10 (Intel) and Gen10 Plus servers with a redundant uplink port capacity of up to 50Gbps. The Gen10 Plus supports AMD EPYC CPUs. The aim here is to have identical product portfolios in every data center, allowing customers that have customized configuration to roll out globally without any adaptation of their software or services.

Want to grow with us?

We grow with our customers. We build the configurations they need for their business. We can build one for you too. Start your journey by learning more about our infrastructure, our culture and our team or getting in touch with us to find out how you can grow, in the US or anywhere else.

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