NovoServe and PCI DSS

NovoServe and PCI DSS

by Arno


PCI DSS. An abbreviation of the important Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - an internationally recognized standard that guarantees the safety of online payments. At NovoServe, this is of utmost importance to us.


Arno Suërs, our Manager Operations, explains that this is why NovoServe only works with data centers that are PCI DSS compliant. “All payment data needs to be secured on the highest level. In our case, the data travels through our network and servers. It means we have to make sure that our network, physical data centers, and servers are as safe as can be for our clients, who trust us to handle their customers’ payment data in a secure manner.” 


How does NovoServe do this? “Firstly, we only work with data centers that are PCI DSS certified - and every year, we thoroughly investigate whether they meet the standards to retain that certification. The data centers are secured in numerous ways. Our servers are protected against cyber attacks - the buildings themselves are also secured with cameras and controlled access. Only people we and the data center security have granted access to can enter our server rooms. Their personal data is also saved for over a month, so we can retrace who has accessed our server room should something happen.”  


“On top of that, we strive to get PCI DSS certified ourselves. We worked hard to get our ISO 27001 certification last year, and the next step is to make NovoServe PCI DSS compliant. That way, we can ensure our network is covered with the same top-notch security as our data centers. We aim to attract clients from the FinTech and iGaming markets (banks, online casinos, etc.), so we’re making this our next priority. We are currently optimizing our compliance department to realize this. We’re confident we can make this happen in 2022.”



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