NovoServe on data protection and ISO 27001 certification

NovoServe on data protection and ISO 27001 certification

by Arno


The data protection and security requirements get more demanding by the day. The consequences are severe, should it go wrong - and rightly so. On an end-user level, of course, but even more so for governments and businesses. After all, organizations deal with the data of people or other businesses, which comes with a huge responsibility. Therefore, organizations worldwide are determined to ensure their data protection and security are up to the ever-changing high standards. 


Needless to say, as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider with over 6,000 dedicated servers offered to businesses in the fields of Gaming and iGaming, AdTech, Streaming and FinTech, data protection and security is at the very top of NovoServe’s priority list. "We are accountable for the data of many external parties, so we take this responsibility very seriously," Arno Suërs says, Operations Manager with NovoServe. 


NovoServe’s ISO 27001 certification

NovoServe only collaborates with data centers that are fully compliant with the latest security policies and regulatory standards. "Recently, we've worked very hard on achieving our own ISO 27001 certification. And we succeeded. This means we can now ensure that we have enterprise-grade controls to protect client information and safeguard business continuity," Suërs states. “Security is always top of mind at NovoServe, it’s fully implemented in our organization and comes as second nature. We continuously see possibilities to improve even further and hence guarantee the highest level of data security.” 


More and more organizations demand top-notch and the latest security measures to protect their data and processes. As they should. An independent third-party auditor carried out a thorough audit process to ensure customers' information is secure with NovoServe. 


About ISO 27001
ISO/IEC 27001:2017 is an information security management standard - recognized globally - which ensures that an organization can apply a framework to business processes to help identify, manage and reduce risks to information security. The standard considers IT and all business operations of an organization. 


Of course, it doesn't end here. On top of the ISO 27001 certification achieved, NovoServe is targeting expansion of accreditations embedded in the organization with a PCI DSS certification in the future. The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) explicitly focuses on the data security of credit card information stored in a facility. This year, NovoServe strives to get PCI DSS in place and add other security-related services - like DDoS protection - on top of our bare-metal servers portfolio. 



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