Game Developer's Conference 2022

Game Developer's Conference 2022

by Dewey


NovoServe, a Netherlands-based IaaS hosting provider, is excited to attend the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) for the first time. An industry larger than sports and Hollywood combined, NovoServe aims to be the IaaS provider of choice for developers and publishers of all sizes. 


Innovation and a top-notch infrastructure are at the core of every successful video game organization. At NovoServe, we understand this like no other. In a rapidly developing meta world, we will continue to fully utilize our technical knowledge so our clients can excel with their businesses and make great games.


The company's approach, where it delivers highly customized - though simplified – dedicated server solutions, cater to the needs of clients with high-demanding applications, clients such as gaming companies. Why make doing business harder than it needs to be? This question is why we ultimately decided to offer month-to-month terms with our services, which gaming customers find quite agreeable.


Although quite a young company (founded in 2014), NovoServe has shown significant growth over the last few years. NovoServe has managed to grow its dedicated bare-metal servers under management to over 6,000 and a global network capacity that reaches over a staggering 7 Terabits per second (Tbps).

To talk shop, the finer points of FIFA, or how NovoServe feel free to hit me up on Discord, Dewey#5926, or

NovoServe is GAME ON at GDC 2022!



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