NovoServe acquires YISP to support international expansion

NovoServe acquires YISP to support international expansion

by Herke


We’re thrilled and proud to announce that from today, YISP will be part of NovoServe’s extensive, global infrastructure. YISP is an international IaaS hosting provider with expertise in high-performance networks. Thanks to the acquisition, our clients can rely on one of the largest networks worldwide using the latest techniques - with a solid foundation in Asia.


Innovation and a top-notch infrastructure are at the core of every successful IT organization. At NovoServe, we understand this like no other. In a rapidly developing online world, we will continue to fully utilize our technical knowledge, so our clients can excel with their businesses. The acquisition of YISP allows us to amplify our network even further. 


A unique opportunity 

Herke Plantenga, CEO of NovoServe, says: “We have known YISP for a while now, and we are impressed by their reputation in the market and customer portfolio. YISP is an expert on high-performance networks and has a notable customer reach worldwide, which is perfect for our ambition to expand internationally.” Herke continues: “This acquisition allows us to strive towards becoming the best IaaS hosting provider worldwide. The ambition to stay on top, service our customers, and keep innovating drives us at NovoServe.” 


Our mission: to empower our customers

At both NovoServe and YISP, a down-to-earth way of working and the ambition to be and stay on top come together. YISP has a proven track record in Asia and operates according to the latest technologies, including AMD EPYC high-performance processors. While our services continue, as usual, the merger of our two companies strengthens our network even further and brings new expertise to the team - benefits that will support our clients to excel even further. 


Best of both worlds

The knowledge and expertise of Rens Ariens, founder and CEO of YISP, will remain part of the company after the merger. He will use his experience as the new CTO. Rens feels confident about the joint future: “For the past 15 years, we have supplied our customers with qualitative technical hosting solutions. At NovoServe, I will fully utilize my technical knowledge and grow alongside the company's ambitions. NovoServe’s acquisition of YISP offers the best of both worlds. We get to solve challenging technical issues for our customers while the company makes great strides towards the future - with a great team, I might add.”


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