NovoServe's WHMCS Module

NovoServe's WHMCS Module

by Tamer


Great news! We’ve released our WHMCS Module with 100% white labeling and WHMCS integration compatibility.


The NovoServe WHMCS module allows our resellers to provide their customers with full server management. With just one click, they will be able to log in to the IPMI of the dedicated bare-metal server (e.g., HPE iLO and Supermicro IPMI). A few examples of current core features:


  • Autologin IPMI for the client area;
  • Autologin IPMI for the admin side;
  • Whitelabel console URL generation;
  • Server power management;
  • Bandwidth usage graph.



Until it was acquired by cPanel, WHMCS was a privately-owned company based in the UK.


WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. WHMCS is a full-featured web hosting client management panel. It is an automation platform that simplifies and automates all aspects of operating an online web hosting and domain registrar business. Initially, it was limited to 'shared hosting services,' but it can also manage dedicated servers and colocation services.


Think of WHMCS as a software suite that makes life easier for hosting resellers. At the top of its list of functions is automated billing: WHMCS automatically collects payment from their clients. 



White labeling is one of the prominent features of our WHMCS module. Resellers can market their products and services by white-labeling their platform without their clients ever finding out about the reseller's service provider (NovoServe). We will add a feature for our resellers to market their services as their brand in due time. 


Getting started with the NovoServe WHMCS Module?

It's easy! Follow these steps:


  • Generate the API credentials in the NovoServe portal;
  • Upload the contents of the ZIP into your WHMCS root directory;
  • Set up a new or use an existing Product;
  • Under Module Settings, select the "NovoServe Module";
  • Now enter your API credentials accordingly and decide if you want whitelabel consoles (without any logo) or the default NovoServe branded. If you're going to use the whitelabel console, enter "yes" in the textbox. For resellers with the branded console can also use their ID here.
  • Go to a service that uses this (newly) product and ensure that the Username contains a server tag (000-000). It is a requirement.
  • For more information, proceed to Github ( 

For more information about NovoServe's Reseller Partner Program, send an email to


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